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“CatchphraseDan found a way to get my son away from his computer screen and out into the fresh air. He's already grown four feet!” - Tina 

“I hate fish and I hate Fridays. Why I bought these playing cards I’ll never know.” - Boris

“I was a mere branch before I ordered the #GoFishFriday deck. Now, just three weeks later, I am a tall oak tree of a man. Or a medium height Blue Norwegian Spruce at the very least.” - Johnny the Norwegian Spruce

“I’m a fan of CatchphraseDan and a fan of the #GoFishFriday deck.” - Terry the ceiling fan

“These crisps are horrible and bland. I struggled to taste the fish, and I had to choke the last 10 down like a heron. Tasted a bit like cardboard too actually.” - Dennis the heron

*CatchphraseDan reserves the right to add his own reviews for no other reason than his own childish amusement.